How does the NRG Foot Spa Work

The NRG foot spa takes advantage of the body’s electrical nature to generate enhanced long-lasting energy and vitality.

Whereas electricity is measured in terms of electron flow, the energy found in biological systems, bioelectricity is measured in terms of ion flow. Ions are charged atoms moving through cell membranes or through the body via the fluid systems (plasma, interstitial, lymphatic, and cerebral-spinal fluids, etc). You may be familiar with diagnostic tools such as the EKG and the EEG. Both provide measurements of the body’s bio-electric vibrations.

Our energy level, or the “way we feel,” reflects our body’s bio-electrical activity. When we feel unnaturally “tired,” our cells are not functioning at optimal levels. Exposure to toxic substances, ingestion of foods lacking sufficient nutrients, living high stress lifestyles and getting little exercise greatly diminishes our bodies’ naturally vibrant energy levels.

It is believed that NRG rejuvenates the body’s natural bioelectric activity in two major ways:

1.   Bioelectrical stimulation of the entire body through the feet,
2.   Elimination of toxic substances from the body.

Works is based on a very simple design. It consists of a module made of copper and stainless steel rings, and keys connected to a transformer with a built-in timer. The transformer converts the electrical output from the house into 24 Volt DC. The module is placed in a container filled with comfortably hot water (typically tap water, unless it has too high a solute concentration, in which case feel free to contact me for assistance). Salt may be added if necessary. Place feet in the water, set the timer to 40 minutes, and enjoy.

The electricity runs through the wire attached to the keys and rings, generating an electrical current. This current moves through the water and, due to the water’s ionic composition, creates a negatively charged bioelectrical current. The water now contains a negative charge or “field.”

The water also now has a bioelectric feature, just like our bodies do naturally. When we put our feet into this water, it is believed that our body’s bioelectric system matches that of the water, and a continuous circuit flows between the body and the charged water. Because it is believed that most toxins are positively charged when they reside in the body, they are attracted to the negative field of the water, and, thus drawn out of the body through the pores of the feet.

Thirty to 40 minutes is the optimal time for a treatment, which ensures that the body’s circulating blood stream is sufficiently stimulated.