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  • Concerned about aging?
  • Tired of pushing the kids to eat right, get enough sleep?
  • Feeling like the kids are always sick with something?
  • Worried about what health care options are going to look like in the coming months?
  • Losing too much sick time from work or school? If you answered yes to any of these questions…we encourage you to read on.

What we are about to share with you will change the health and wellness landscape of your family forever, enabling everyone to stay balanced and healthy, so they are less likely to get sick and less likely to miss time from work and school.


Not only will we put better health at your fingertips – we’ll put savings into your pocket book just for giving us a call to learn more.

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If you don’t know what your friends, family or associates need, give a gift certificate from The Herb Garden – that way they can choose something that they need that is sure to be good for them  We offer a wide variety of products including:

  • beauty products (hair, nails, skin)
  • energy products
  • aromatherapy products
  • vitamin and herbal supplements
  • herbal drinks
  • whole foods
  • Ion Foot Bath
  • gift baskets
  • Alkaline water and more

How does the NRG Foot Spa Work

The NRG foot spa takes advantage of the body’s electrical nature to generate enhanced long-lasting energy and vitality.

Whereas electricity is measured in terms of electron flow, the energy found in biological systems, bioelectricity is measured in terms of ion flow. Ions are charged atoms moving through cell membranes or through the body via the fluid systems (plasma, interstitial, lymphatic, and cerebral-spinal fluids, etc). You may be familiar with diagnostic tools such as the EKG and the EEG. Both provide measurements of the body’s bio-electric vibrations.

Our energy level, or the “way we feel,” reflects our body’s bio-electrical activity. When we feel unnaturally “tired,” our cells are not functioning at optimal levels. Exposure to toxic substances, ingestion of foods lacking sufficient nutrients, living high stress lifestyles and getting little exercise greatly diminishes our bodies’ naturally vibrant energy levels.

It is believed that NRG rejuvenates the body’s natural bioelectric activity in two major ways:

1.   Bioelectrical stimulation of the entire body through the feet,
2.   Elimination of toxic substances from the body.

Works is based on a very simple design. It consists of a module made of copper and stainless steel rings, and keys connected to a transformer with a built-in timer. The transformer converts the electrical output from the house into 24 Volt DC. The module is placed in a container filled with comfortably hot water (typically tap water, unless it has too high a solute concentration, in which case feel free to contact me for assistance). Salt may be added if necessary. Place feet in the water, set the timer to 40 minutes, and enjoy.

The electricity runs through the wire attached to the keys and rings, generating an electrical current. This current moves through the water and, due to the water’s ionic composition, creates a negatively charged bioelectrical current. The water now contains a negative charge or “field.”

The water also now has a bioelectric feature, just like our bodies do naturally. When we put our feet into this water, it is believed that our body’s bioelectric system matches that of the water, and a continuous circuit flows between the body and the charged water. Because it is believed that most toxins are positively charged when they reside in the body, they are attracted to the negative field of the water, and, thus drawn out of the body through the pores of the feet.

Thirty to 40 minutes is the optimal time for a treatment, which ensures that the body’s circulating blood stream is sufficiently stimulated.

Own your own NRG Works Detox Foot Spa

Do you own a Salon or Spa?  Do you love the Ion Detox Foot Bath so much that you would like to own your own?  If so, you are in the right place.  The Herb Garden is a supplier of one of the most reputable Ion Foot spas in the industry.  We sell NRG Works foot spas to businesses and individuals that would like to invest in a product that pays for itself.

Read more about Ion Detox Foot Bath Cleanse HERE.

If you are interested in purchasing an NRG Works foot bath, call our office or drop by.  CLICK HERE.

Nature’s Sunshine Products

Nature’s Sunshine Products manufactures and markets tablets and encapsulated herbal products, high-quality natural vitamins, food supplements, skin care and other complementary products.  CLICK HERE to order products from the comfort of your own home.

  • single and herbal combinations
  • energy supplements for eyes, liver, colon and intestinal functions to maintain balance, cleanse and detoxify
  • supplements for healthy nervous system (stress and insomnia)
  • healthy glandular function (sex drive, menopause, PMS, prostate men and women concerns)
  • pancreas and adrenals to promote healthy blood sugar and combat exhaustion
  • digestion
  • skeletal system
  • immune system
  • respiratory system
  • natural antibiotics
  • urinary tract system
  • circulatory system
  • hair, skin and nails
  • health beverages
  • herbal weight loss
  • children supplements
  • pet supplements


Century Systems Inc. – The Cleaner

The Ultimate Body Detox helps remove pounds.  
Powerful, Comfortable and Easy.
Fast acting all-in-one-formula dietary supplements.

The Cleaner® a full body cleansing and detoxification system registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. No other product in the world contains the proprietary blend of over 25 natural ingredients in the same specially effective proportions as The Cleaner®. It includes organ and parasite cleansing in easy to swallow capsules. After use of The Cleaner®, clothes may fit loosely in the stomach area due to the elimination of waste.
The Cleaner® is fast and powerful yet gentle enough to allow you to travel, work and continue your normal routine. The Cleaner® uses vegetable capsules instead of gelatin for those who desire an animal free detox.


The Problem

There was a time when we lived primarily on fresh fruits, vegetables and other high fiber foods. But today our diets are loaded with highly processed foods and meat – foods that clog our colons and other body systems, leading to constipation, abdominal bulge and a buildup of toxins in your body.

Keeping the colon clean and free-flowing is essential to good health, yet the average person has a colon packed with 5 to 20 pounds of accumulated waste! This excess material makes you look bad, drains you of energy and can make you very sick.

The Solution

To restore your health and vitality, think clean! The Cleaner® is a full-body cleansing and detoxification system made up of a proprietary blend of over 25 natural herbs plus minerals in proportions designed to produce maximum effectiveness. Registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, The Cleaner® offers powerful total internal cleansing not only of the colon but of major body organs including the liver, kidneys, stomach, blood, urinary tract, lungs and skin. The Cleaner® CLEANS!!!

Just a few easy-to-swallow capsules taken over a 7-day detox period can unclog your colon and other body systems, remove toxins and accumulated waste, ease bloating and gas, fight parasites and bacteria and improve your health and energy. In short, using The Cleaner® can make you feel really great!

If your stomach isn’t flat, it’s probably at least partially due to “waste pounds,” excessive waste in your colon that can pack on as much as 20 extra pounds.

After using The Cleaner®, you’ll probably find that your clothes fit more loosely in the stomach area because of the elimination of these waste pounds. You’ll look and feel much better.

Give a Gift Basket – Gifts for all occasions

Gift baskets are still one of the best, most personal gifts that you can give.  The Herb Garden can prepare a custom gift basket that fits your needs and your budget.  Choose from one of these gift ideas or create your own.

  • Gluten Free (Supplements/Foods)
  • Sports/Athletes (Energy/Alkaline Water)
  • Health/Beauty (Skin, Hair, Nails, Body)
  • Weight Loss/Nutrition
  • Children
  • Seniors

Gift Certificates are also available.

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Detox Foot Bath is an all natural way to dramatically remove toxins from the inside of  your body through your foot in a relaxing bath by energizing the water.  Detoxification begins the moment you place your foot into the foot bath.  Detoxification benefits your health and can help the aging process.

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